Zoning Officer 'Hounded' Co-Worker, Suit Claims

John Fugger remains suspended without pay following allegations he continued to harass woman after he was told to stop, according to lawsuit.

A newly-filed claim against Morristown's zoning officer paints a more detailed picture about what his accuser says has been a pattern of harassment over several years.

Lisa Manshel, of the law firm of Francis and Manshel, of Millburn, submitted a tort claim to the Town of Morristown on Dec. 18 on behalf of her client, who accused John Fugger in October of harassment. He has since been suspended without pay from his $83,469 a year job with the town.

The original claim stated Fugger had made unwanted calls to a female co-worker after-hours, despite being told to stop.

In the tort claim for damages filed last month, Fugger is stated to have subjected Manshel's client "to a pattern of stalking, sexual harassment and retaliation for rejection of his advances" since 2009.

"He has hounded her verbally and in repeated phone calls, followed her in his car, monitored her movements, made harassing phone calls to her husband and sister and yelled at her and begged her not to report him," the claim states. It goes on to note the October claim of a harassing voicemail left in early October that ultimately led to his present suspension from his town employment.

Despite Manshel's client filing a police report and Fugger being instructed not to contact her, the suit claims on Nov. 17, 2012, he again left the female co-worker a harassing voicemail message.

A tort claim is a wrongful action suit which, under certain conditions, waives governmental immunity and allows lawsuits by people claiming wrongdoing by government agencies or their employees. They include, but are not limited to, according to the suit, "negligent hiring, negligent supervision, negligent retention, intentional infliction of emotional harm, civil conspiracy and assault."

Peter Gilbreth, the Morristown-based attorney representing Fugger, said he has not yet seen a copy of the Dec. 18 claim filed by Manshel.

"I was verbally notified it had been filed," he said. "I understand the town has submitted it to their insurance carrier to review."

Until the insurance company returns with its decision, no further comment would be provided, Gilbreth said.

A call to Lisa Manshel seeking comment on behalf of her client was not immediately returned Wednesday afternoon.

Bonnie Arnold Haynes January 15, 2013 at 01:33 AM
Why don't you ask the Mayor and Town Council what they have planned to avoid What you say happening. It happened around 79. Everyone packed up, left town And went to the mall. By the way the first big mall developer was from Detroit. But it was more about prejudice than money. But of course you can't make money In the middle of race riots. What can you sell? Pleeze ask your town and govtpeople About all of this. Pleez. A lot of what has been done in this town is like rearranging Deck chairs on the Titanic. We pay the taxes. For that shouldn't they return our calls. Rebecca feldman does not return calls or emails.so why am I pay sid taxes in addition To regular taxes? Mr. Dunphy .. if u could just reach out and share our concers, and they could just answer in writing, you could get more done and all of us taxpyers would know Even more. Good luck.
I plead the 2nd tchk tchk January 15, 2013 at 01:36 AM
I am not knowledgeable about the Sussex project or what you are talking about with the Jews, but without knowing what is going on over there, it all makes sense to me now. Anytime the government tries to do the job of the free market you get the result of today's detroit and the likes of what is going on down in the Sussex area. the government will never ever know what to do better than the free market. Morristown should not be dictating building projects. They should be the ones that just shut up and let the people with the money come in and buy up and build. I have to look up what the big plan is for Sussex, i can't imagine what a disaster plan that is. i don't think i even want to know. Any plan made by the egotistical narcissistic dimwitts I have met in that town hall has to the most retarded products ever.
Bonnie Arnold Haynes January 15, 2013 at 04:51 AM
John ... You reallu should run for town counsel. We have had, in my lifetime, some very Sound, caring, intelligent leadership. People who did these things out of a sense of Service to the town, the country...you sound like you have it...it is just about doing The right thing... and wanting people to be free...from hunger, harassment... Persecution. No one talks about free market economy or what it really means anymore. Nyc did just fine With a lot of free market economy.....guiliani was good at that altho I am not a Narrow republican. I still believe what is written on the Statue of Liberty... the cold, Hungry, huddled masses, if we were to stop all immigration we we would be as bad As you fear. You don't need to be rich, or have a fancy education, or any of that To be a good leader. You just have to lead and to care ...and have a really healthy Shot of common sense. And maybe a good shot of irish coffee to go with it...its too late For coffee but the rest would be OK.
Mark Peoples January 20, 2013 at 05:02 PM
I would like to say 1 thing in defense of the Mayor. He was a victim of Fugger himself during the 2009 primary when he was running against the previous mayor. Fugger issued the Mayor summonses, obviously because he was running, and after he won the primary, the summonses were dropped. The Mayor is a decent person, who certainly wishes Fugger would disappear. But his hands were tied by all the union regs, etc. In the past, Fugger has talked his way out of trouble (his assault charge, etc.) by being nice to certain people. He probably made peace with the Mayor, who thought Fugger would behave himself from now on. At this point, with the past scandals (pornography, the Tom Alexander case, all the Fugger problems, and on and on), I think the only solution is for the state to temporarily take over the town's operations until the corruption can be cleaned out. There are some good people there, but the trash has to be filtered out.
I plead the 2nd tchk tchk January 20, 2013 at 05:48 PM
Mark, i agree, the lack of ethics, possible corruption, needs to be cleaned and the total loss of the real purpose they are supposed to fulfill has to be restored. I am not sure bringing in the state is the answer. That may be replacing hitler with a stalin. We just need to vote in new people and have state investigators come in and take a look around. There needs to be a psychologist testing workers. We need to test for narcissism and filter those applicants out in the beginning. They need to pass a quiz on the Bill of Rights. I identified Fugger as a problem when i first moved to this town and went into get permits. I was a former federal agent that left my job because i didn't know how to handle the lack of ethics and corruption I found in my unit. I felt it was a fight too big for me, so I left. When I walked into the town hall I was struck with an over whelming feeling, a hunch, a smell that was very familiar too me. It was that old smell of selfishness, corruption, and horrible ethics. I felt a huge sinking feeling of regret for buying and investing in morristown. I played the game of peasant with them until I got what I needed then I caught Fugger off guard and put my free citizen clothes back on. I had him actually shaking one day with my logic and ethics. He is a coward and a narcissistic pig.


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