About 120 Million Tons Still in Quarry, Officials Say

Stavola Construction will continue work at the quarry on Chimney Rock Road.

With only 3.12 million tons of stone generated this year, and another about 120 million tons to go, representatives from Stavola Construction Materials are expecting to be in Bridgewater for many years to come.

The council unanimously approved a resolution recently to grant a continued license to the company for work at the Stavola Quarry on Chimney Rock Road in 2013.

“We own the 400-acre quarry,” said Thomas Branch, president of engineering and regulations for Stavola. “Our requirement is to appear before the council and present mining plans for 2013.”

“The plans put together each year allow you as a governing body to understand what the plans are for the upcoming year, and what has been done in the past year,” he added.

Branch said they are currently focused along the northern area of the quarry with 200,000 cubic yards of material.

“We usually go from generation to generation,” he said. “It is always common practice to go for the easy rock. That means the prior generation left us with 200,000 cubic yards, and we must find a home for where the film material will be placed.”

Branch said they want to create a berm along the area to provide screening and buffering from the residential area nearby.

“Once we complete activity there, it will turn to green and be completed as a reclaimed area for 2013,” he said. “The Department of Environmental Protection has very strict rules, and we have to plan for the future of where the basin or stormwater detention will be.”

Branch said they have received about 12 calls this year with complaints, some on dust and some on the blasts.

Those dust and dirt complaints, Branch said, were a result of current activities on Route 22 with the road construction.

“All the truck traffic including earth-moving equipment has to use Chimney Rock Road and Thompson Avenue,” he said. “With the added number of trucks and that type of material, it has been identified that the dust is the result of material being trucked out of the site, not the quarry.”

“We have not had dust or dirt complaints in the prior 40 years this project has been done, and now we are seeing these calls coming in,” he added.

As far as blast complaints, Branch said, most were informational with residents curious about the nature of the shock or sound.

The company, Branch said, has instituted an automated telephone information system with an automatic dialer to inform residents of when there is a blast coming up.

“It allows people to understand when they hear a noise or feel vibration, they know what it is,” he said. “They get the call on the same day of it.”

Residents get notice, Branch said, about two hours before the blast actually occurs.

To get a phone number on that list, call 732-356-5700, and dial 3 to be put in touch with an administrative representative.

Branch said those shots are done with highest production in the summer months, maybe two times a week.

“The average shots per year through December this year was 56 shots,” he said. “That’s not one per week because we shut down from Christmas through March.”


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