Candidates: Bridgewater Remains One-Party Town

Candidates congratulate the Republicans on the wins in Tuesday's elections.

They feel it's a disappointing loss, but for the Democratic candidates in this year's election, they are proud of the campaign they held and the showing they had.

"The campaign was a fair and honest one," said John Rooney, one of the Democratic candidates for council in Tuesday's elections. "I am proud of how we conducted our efforts."

Rooney earned 2,988 votes in the election, and his running mate, Mary Pranzatelli, earned 3,123. They lost to Republican incumbents Matthew Moench and Christine Henderson Rose, who earned 4,852 and 4,725 votes, respectively.

But Pranzatelli said she was pleased with her votes, coming in only about 500 behind Rose.

"I think that is something to be proud of," Pranzatelli said. "I believe if I had had a lot of experience behind me, I could have done it."

Pranzatelli said she would consider running again in the future, but, for now, she is pleased with what she accomplished.

"We worked very hard in the campaign, and I am proud that I came so close," she said.

Jim Ventantonio, who lost in his bid for mayor with 2,600 votes to Republican winner Dan Hayes's 3,962 votes, said he believes it was a well-run campaign with new ideas to maintain the quality of life in Bridgewater.

But, Ventantonio said, he recognizes that the turnout was not great, and that the winners should still recognize the issues that were brought up through the campaign.

"I commend the other candidates, but Mr. Hayes had 48 percent of the vote, so he should be sensitive to the fact that that is not the majority," he said. "There was poor turnout, and if residents can't come out and vote, then they deserve what they got."

Independent candidate George Jones, who received 1,652 votes in his bid for mayor, said he is not planning to run again, and is recognizing that the township is now still a one-party town.

"I'll be honest, I'm very bitter, and the township got what it deserves," he said. "The Republican party is the control in town. Dan will bring something new to the township, but the Republicans are maintaining control."

"People didn't want the independent voice I was bringing," he added.

Although Rooney said he is not sure if will run again in the future, he wishes the Republican winners luck in the coming year.

"I congratulate them, and wish them all the best going forward," he said. "I am looking forward to working with them in the future."

tweedledum@aol.com November 10, 2011 at 03:57 PM
After hearing comments from discruntled residents many of them Republicans, I can see why Mr. Jones felt let down. Everyone he met going door-to-door and everywhere he went where very happy with answers he gave. Many to finally get a difinitive answer instead of political rhetoric and the old stand-by==="I'll study that issue." If Mr. Jones was the least qualified candidate, I'm sure it was because he was less adapt at telling people what they wanted to hear instead of the truth.
Kenneth Lee November 11, 2011 at 03:34 AM
Apparently, Mr Jones did not knock on enough doors. He also knocked on the doors of his friends and the people who knew him best. He didn't come knocking on my door - that's for sure. Mr Jones is the least qualified because of his resume - not his personality - although I do know a number of people who vehemently dislike him. The man went to school for 10 years and couldn't even complete a 2 year degree. The man was in the Police department - for how many years??? - and couldn't get past the Sergeants level. And you would entrust your Tax dollars to this man? I don't have anything against this guy - don't even know him - but what I do know, is that he is NOT the best qualified candidate to be running for Mayor of any township, let alone Bridgewater. All that based on his resume as given here in the Patch. Please - match that up against Ventantonio and Hayes.
tweedledom@aol.com November 13, 2011 at 02:39 PM
The battle is over and you won the war. Why are you still attacking my husband? I have been following comments on this site and am very tired of you making a big deal out of a piece of paper. He could only attend classes on his off time. Working shift, trying to spend time with his family and working many, many side jobs didn't leave a lot of time. Back then all one needed to be hired on the PD was a high school diploma. Which was all anybody back then had. Many officers didn't bother taking classess at all. When George was on the PD, it was much smaller than it is now. There were only so many chances for advancement. Knowing that, George retired to spend more time at our business. There were many officers that ended as patrolman-just as they had started out. It is obvious to me that you are a big detractor of George's. I'm not sure why and don't really care, but enough is enough. If as you say, he knocked on the doors of his friends and they are the ones that voted for him, he is a very lucky man to have 1652 friends. There are not many people that can say that! He is the true winner. Dan Hayes got the endorsement of his party, not just his friends. If that had been the case, the outcome would have been different. You have circumvented Mr. Hayes' resume. He changed direction several times. With the qualifications to be an engineer, he has opted to be a teacher, a noble career, but certainly not as demanding of someone in charge of large budgets in the private sector.
Mike Umbris November 13, 2011 at 08:29 PM
Had George Jones done something to stop the cell tower at Green Knoll from going forward I can tell you whole group of voters would have come out in his favor. He sat for MANY years associated with Green Knoll FD and let Tmobile and Vitale do their deal to destroy a lovely residential neighborhood. Your husband is a wonderful man I am sure, but he said and did nothing regarding an issue that was very important in this election- Land Use. It's not all Bulky Trash and Ice Cream Shops Ms. Jones.
Kenneth Lee November 15, 2011 at 04:19 AM
Ms Jones. I never attacked Mr Jones as a person. Only his qualifications. The Mayor of Bridgewater will be in charge of administering Tens of Millions of dollars. Dan Hayes is the best trained for this from not only his MBA studies in Finance, but his experience with huge corporations where he was in charge of budgets just as large as Bridgewater's current budget. I'm not even sure that Mr Ventantonio has such experience but I know for sure, that Mr Jones does not. I'm sure Mr Jones was a wonderful Police Officer and a good employee of the township - but being a good employee does not qualify anyone for being Mayor. That piece of paper is important because it shows that you can at least accomplish something and that you've learned and gained a particular set of knowledge and skills. I'm sure that all of the reasons why Mr Jones did not complete the degree are valiant reasons - but when you boil it all down - he could have gone the extra step to at least get that 2 year degree. And yes, some people are happy to be just patrol officers and that's fine. But you don't see those guys running to be Mayor either. Yes, Mr Hayes did change directions several times. However, those changes of direction in no way - diminishes his qualifications - they only served to enhance his qualifications. In the end, I'm sure I would like Mr Jones and one day, we might even become friends. But even as a friend, I would never encourage him run for Mayor of Bridgewater. He is lucky to have you.


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