New Police Uniforms, Gear Purchased in Bridgewater

And the county is continuing to pay for township social services.

What follows is an account of actions taken on Jan. 17 by the Bridgewater Township Council, which, while not breaking news, are still of note.

Police purchasing new uniforms

The council unanimously approved a resolution to purchase police uniforms, shoes and leather gear for the department.

The purchase will be made from Universal Uniform Sales for $56,919.70.

Township administrator James Naples said this was the low bid this year.

“It is a significant different from the second low bid,” he said. “We are recommending the award.”

The purchase of the uniforms is taken care of by the township as part of the contract between the union and the township.

Change order re-approved for Foothill Road Phase 3 Project

The council unanimously approved a resolution for a second time concerning a decrease in costs of the Foothill Road Phase 3 Project that was recently completed.

Township engineer Robert Bogart said the council had previously approved the resolution, but a change had to be made because the original document neglected the fact that there had been a previous change in the cost.

“The amount was higher than we thought,” he said.

The correct resolution decreases the price of the work from $236,822.47 to $225,061.72, the total amount paid to Stilo Excavation Inc. for the work done in the project.

County to reimburse for social services projects

The council unanimously approved a resolution that will allow the county to reimburse Bridgewater for costs incurred through social service projects throughout the year.

The county will reimburse the township up to $45,840.

According to township administrator James Naples, the county had originally taken over this function for Bridgewater. Unfortunately, he said, the county can no longer do so.

“But the county will reimburse us for services we provide, salary and time,” he said. “The money will be for the salary of what workers do that are for social services.”

Mike February 03, 2013 at 05:03 PM
We really need to move to a volunteer model for a lot of this stuff. Find an unemployed social services worker who wants to build his/her résumé to provide the services for free. Police should buy their own shoes that can be worn for other purposes. Residents should fill potholes in front of their properties as a civic duty. It's time for AUSTERITY.


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