Council Shows Support for One-Seat Rail

The Raritan Valley Rail Coalition is hoping to bring dual-powered trains to the local line.

With the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition continuing to advocate for one-seat ride service to New York City on the Raritan Valley Line, the Bridgewater Township Council unanimously approved a resolution Thursday to show its support of the concept.

Council president Christine Henderson Rose said that if this were to move forward, the one-seat ride would only be on off-peak and weekend hours on the Raritan Valley Line.

“The transit line purchases a particular time to go through the tunnel, and there is no time left to purchase,” she said. “There won’t be until they sort it out or build another tunnel.”

According to the resolution, the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition has been advocating for the one-seat ride since 1998, but it would require the use of electric trains while the line currently only has diesel-powered ones.

Diesel-powered trains are not permitted to enter the tunnels leading into New York.

Councilman Matthew Moench, who also serves as the township representative to the Raritan Valley Rail Coalition, has said a study also found that for every minute saved on the morning commute, home values could increase by $3,000, also depending on distance from the train station itself.

The Raritan Valley Rail Coalition is asking municipalities to approve resolutions in support of bringing these dual-powered trains to the Raritan Valley Line, and possibly create a 35-minute reduction in traveling to New York City because of the elimination of the transfer at Newark Penn Station.

“I think this would be a benefit to our residents,” said councilman Filipe Pedroso. “It is a win win for everybody.”

Do you think the dual-powered trains could come to the Raritan Valley Line? What will be the benefits if that happens?

papapete February 25, 2013 at 12:12 PM
If this applies to off peak only due to tunnel limitations then talk of increased home values and helping commuters is far too premature. We won't have a new tunnel in my lifetime.
Your Neighbor February 25, 2013 at 11:20 PM
Off peak only? This is fairly useless to the majority of commuters, but I guess it's a start. $386/mo for an average 1:20 commute out of Bridgewater, plus parking fees. yuck.


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