Diary Of An Election Part 1: Voters Want Lower Taxes

Check back throughout the afternoon as we post comments from voters leading up to this evening's official results.

Beginning at 6 a.m. this morning, eager residents hit polling locations all across the township, from 36 different districts, to cast their vote in local and state races. Those working at the polls have said people come in drips and drabs throughout the day to cast their vote. So far, we've checked out Adamsville Primary School and the People Care Center, and, although turnout has so far been small, there are still people coming with opinions about the importance of voting.

Bridgewater resident John Best said he votes in every single election, and doesn't understand those who don't. He said he does, however, expect to see a slightly larger turnout this year than most because of the state of the economy.

"I think government control is getting out of hand," he said. "So I vote for whoever looks to not increase government, both in Congress and locally."

Gabe Didario, of Bridgewater, said he came out to vote for whoever was running against Republican Congressional incumbent Leonard Lance because he doesn't like how Lance is spending money.

"I wanted to vote for someone who I think could save us money," he said. "I don't like our taxes going up so high."

Didario said he likes what Gov. Chris Christie has been doing, and does not believe Lance holds the same views.

"I don't think Lance is in the same boat as the governor," he said. "And I like what the governor is doing."

Check back continuously for updates from other polling locations around the township.


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