Road Repairs Get Council Candidates Talking

The candidates for township council answer questions about issues facing the township.

With the municipal elections coming on Nov. 6, we thought it would be a good time to hear directly from the candidates themselves about the issues that matter to residents.

On six different days this week, we will feature video responses from the two candidates on questions concerning the budget, the economy and roadwork.

The candidates are Repbulican incumbent Filipe Pedroso and Democrat William Metz.

For this third question, we asked the candidates to talk about Bridgewater's roads.

Click here to hear what the candidates have to say about the economy.

BucaBuddy99 October 24, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Filipe is the best choice to move Bridgewater in the right direction. He is a true conservative who understands how the local economy is impacted by our larger state and federal programs. Filipe will advocate for smaller government, greater fiscal responsibility and a budget that we can afford. Please support Filipe in the upcoming election!
Mike Umbris October 24, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Agreed.. Filipe grew up in town and served BW on various boards. I am always impressed with how he puts issues such as land use/over development above the interests of big money developers. Hopefully he can counterbalance Christine Rose's nightmare track record of voting against citizens wishes of lower taxes and more information disclosure. (Rose helped the Green Knoll Fire Company hide their T-Mobile finances after voters denied their budget).


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