Lifelong Resident Wants Bridgewater to be 'Second to None'

Filipe Pedroso was elected to serve on the township council.

A lifelong Bridgewater resident, Filipe Pedroso just wants to see the township thrive as he prepares to begin his first full term on council after winning in the Nov. 6 elections.

"I am very pleased that the residents have confirmed that I have the right vision for Bridgewater," Pedroso said. "I have lived in Bridgewater for practically my entire life. I love this town dearly, and want to see it continue to be the absolute best place to live."

Republican incumbent Pedroso, who is finishing an unexpired term this year after Dan Hayes was elected mayor in 2011, received a total of 8,621 votes, while Democratic challenger William Metz received 6,764 votes.

"I hope to stay actively involved in the community doing some volunteer work, maybe even some committee work," Metz said. "My main focus now that the election is over, is to try to find a position in scientific research, preferably in medical research or academia."

As he prepares for his term beginning in January, Pedroso said he believes that with proper planning, controlled growth and good zoning, the township will continue to be a first-class place to live.

But Pedroso said he has already been focusing on controlling spending, improving infrastructure, protecting open space, controlling development and more in his past year on the council, and will continue to do so through his first full term.

"I am very pleased that the Bridgewater residents felt that I was doing a good job by electing me to serve," he said. "I want the best for this township and its residents, and will continue to do my very best."

And in the coming years, Pedroso said, he wants to put a focus on continuing to work on behalf of all Bridgewater residents, protecting quality of life, preserving open space and controlling smart growth.

"It's also important that we fight to keep Bridgewater among the lowest tax rates in the county," he said. "Residents don't need to be taxed more during these difficult times, so government needs to minimize any further financial burdens on individuals. I'll work with the council and the administration and do my part to institute fiscal conservative principals to prevent unnecessary tax increases."

Pedroso said that, with all the problems brought by the hurricane, he was fortunate during the elections in that he was able to vote in his normal polling location. But the day before the elections, he said, he began calling some of the voters impacted by poll closures throughout the township.

"Obviously, we weren't able to reach many, but I felt whatever I could do to help, if only a few people, would be better than nothing," he said.

And this, Pedroso said, is one example of the need for better communication in the town.

"I have school-aged children," he said. "Whenever there's no school, we get a phone-blast call. I think a system like that might be useful for the residents. Bridgewater could have a system where residents, if they chose, can provide us a cell or other number so that during an emergency we can send a mass communication alert. A system like that would have been beneficial getting information out to the residents."

Pedroso said he heard from many residents that they were frustrated by the lack of ability to get information when they didn't have electricity in the aftermath of the hurricane.

"Although many residents didn't have electricity or Internet, mobile telephones either kept working or residents were able to get their messages," he said. "So the township should look into a mass calling system where information can be quickly and regularly sent to our residents during emergencies."

Despite these issues, Pedroso said he is pleased with the response from residents, particularly in coming out to vote themselves.

"I think, overall, Bridgewater residents did an outstanding job and showed incredible patience in dealing with the situation at hand," he said. "The voter outcome was quite high, and I'm proud of our residents for managing to vote while many were dealing with very difficult and uncomfortable situations at home with no heat and no electricity."

And when it comes to his campaign itself, Pedroso said, he is proud to have run a clean and organized campaign.

But most importantly, Pedroso said, he is excited by the resilience of Bridgewater residents as they are dealing with the after-effects of the hurricane.

"There were trees on the roads, and electrical wires preventing access to many roads," he said. "Yet, Bridgewater residents fought all these difficulties and showed up to vote in large numbers. So, I am really most proud of them, our Bridgewater voters."

"The large number of voter turnout is a testament to the resilience of our residents, who still managed to get to the polls despite dealing with trees down, power outages, no heat, not to mention having to hunt for their poll locations," he added.

stewart resmer November 11, 2012 at 01:23 PM
If the philosophy of austerity dictates policy from now on, our children and grandchildren will not praise us for the reduced deficits we leave them; they will reproach us for refusing to mobilize our vast resources to reinvent ourselves. But we were being prudent, we will say. No, they will reply, you were being cheap. You were running scared. Imyur Huckleberry
BradleyBoy November 11, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Never mud wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.
Donkey Tales November 11, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Stew what are you talking about now? There is no way to leave children with less debt or balance the federal budget. O/B have assured us of that. Vast resources? Huh? You mean borrowed resources? What does that even mean? Do taxpayer funded pensions count as resources? Let me see if I can follow your comments 1. You don't like high taxes in NJ 2. You don't care about trillion dollar debts 3. You are ok with higher taxes for Washington even though they don't reduce the debt or improve the economy but it makes you feel good inside 4. When confronted with facts, you revert to silly quotes, posts and cheap shots 5. I asked for your solutions. You passed. Let's look at your silly last quote...."a philosophy of austerity..." Hmmm, let's see we borrow $1 trillion a year to dole out entitlements yet we still have poor and homeless people. At what point does borrowing all this money actually help people? Being cheap is not spending money we don't have???? Wow, next time my kid wants something and I say No and they call me cheap, I will hand them my Bank of China credit card and say, OK its just more debt that I won't ever pay back so who cares.
stewart resmer November 12, 2012 at 11:28 AM
Republicans ‘have a mandate’ to keep low tax rates for the rich : Rep. Peter King (guess this qoute frames the issue best of all huh?)
stewart resmer November 12, 2012 at 02:34 PM
We Don't Have a Debt Problem - We Have a Public Investment and Jobs Problem Vanden Heuve . From this Sunday's This Week on ABC, The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel was the one voice of reason, pushing back against the idea that austerity and budget cuts are going to somehow solve our country's economic problems, or the notion that the debt and deficit should be our biggest concern. VANDEN HEUVEL: I agree with Paul Gigot. Americans voted decisively for fair share taxes on the richest, for protecting Social Security and Medicare, but also for growth and investment. You cannot get growth and investment with the spending cuts as they are laid out in the grand bargain. STEPHANOPOULOS: And certainly not the sequester. VANDEN HEUVEL: Certainly not the sequester. So I think part of the problem we're having, George, is the fundamental assumptions overriding this entire discussion. Senator Murray said that we have a big debt and deficit problem -- no, we don't. We have a- big public investment- and jobs problem.


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