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Path Without Lights May Be Too Dangerous, Council Says

A resolution is tabled concerning a proposed path behind Adamsville Primary School.

With concerns about safety, the township council opted to table a resolution July 7 concerning an application for a grant from the Regional Center Partnership to construct a path behind that would help save money on hazardous busing.

According to deputy clerk Hector Herrera, the application would be for $20,000 to build a walking path behind the schools from the Mount Pleasant Villas and Schindler Terrace apartment complexes to the school.

Children will be able to walk to the school on that path.

“We will save approximately $50,000 in hazardous busing costs, and provide a walkway that is based on children living there right now,” he said.

But councilwoman Christine Henderson Rose said she is concerned that the path will not be lit, particularly with children walking on it.

“It needs to be lit,” she said. “Or am I just too cautious?”

The council as a whole decided to table the resolution to give the members an opportunity to look closely at maps and get an opinion from the police department.

Herrera said the application is not due until early August.

“This project will send grammar school children walking through the woods to the back property of the school,” said councilman Allen Kurdyla. “I’m thinking about security.”

Herrera said the path is 850 feet long, and they can get estimates on how much lighting would cost. The path itself, without the lighting, costs just over the $20,000 grant allotment, he said.

Kurdyla said the space behind the school used to be a military academy, so he has been there for fire-related activities.

“There’s a lot of things that go on in that section of the woods,” he said. “I have some questions as far as what’s going to be done because I think it has to be a little more than cutting a path through the woods.”

Herrera said the path will actually go around the woods, but the council tabled the resolution until it can get additional information.

Bella July 17, 2011 at 06:45 PM
i'm a little confused - are these children walking to school before the sun rises and why would any parent allow their k-4 grader walk un-escorted!!! I live on a dead end street right next to Adamsville and my children walked to school through the woods on an unlite path each and every day with their father. They never went to school in the dark or came home in the dark!!!!
Mike Umbris July 18, 2011 at 01:42 PM
The only light that needs to be built is the shining light on Rose's conflicts with the local fire companies and why she continues to ignore voters referendums. I am curious if the Green Knoll FC will be naming the Cell Tower in her honor the Christine Rose Cell Tower (CRCT)?
eyeore0516@yahoo.com August 29, 2012 at 10:49 AM
Parents that have children in the Mt Pleasent Villas need to walk their child to school. when I was a kid we never got the bus if you lived in the Finderene Heights complex we had to walk from there to the People Care Center which was the grade school and Adamsville was grades 6th 7th and 8th. you are just upset that now something you had is being taking away . they will not be walking in the dark so there are no reason the township should be wasting money on buses when there is a path right there behind the school


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