Should Town Give Workers With Bad Driving Record a Car?

The council debates a resolution concerning township motor vehicle use.

The council tabled a resolution Thursday that would implement a policy concerning the use of township vehicles after members questioned whether it is appropriate to allow employees to continue driving them with 10 points on their licenses.

According to the potential new policy, an employee must sign a form certifying that he or she is qualified to operate a vehicle. That form includes attesting to not having more than 10 points on his or her driver's license.

But councilmen Matthew Moench and Filipe Pedroso said they believe that number is simply too high.

"That's a high point allotment," Moench said. "I think if you already have that many, you should not be given a car."

"If you get a ticket in municipal court, you usually pay first and get no points, or sometimes they knock down the amount," he added. "To get 10 points, you have to work really hard."

Instead, Moench said, he believes the limit should be five points on the license.

"If they get really stuck on one bad speeding ticket, at least they have some leeway," he said.

Township administrator James Naples said the township was trying to be conservative in its estimate. If a person has 10 points, he said, there are no legal restrictions on driving.

According to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles, a license is suspended once a person gets 12 points.

"So we could be restricting someone's livelihood when legally they can still drive," Naples said.

But Pedroso said he also believes allowing someone to drive a taxpayer-funded township vehicle with 10 points on a license could be a liability.

"Most truck drivers are fired if they get that many," he said. "We don't want someone driving a township car with that many points."

Council members also questioned how many employees this will affect if the resolution is changed to only allow for up to five points on a license when needing to drive a township vehicle. They said they think this is important information to have before changing the proposed policy.

"I would be curious to know, if we go to five, how many people can't drive the vehicles," said councilwoman Christine Henderson Rose.

"I think we should have the policy in general," Moench added. "And maybe if a person is between five and 10, there could be some kind of evaluation to determine why they got those points."

According to Naples, there are vehicles assigned to departments, namely engineering and other similar ones that require inspectors, and they have reduced the fleet in the past. Currently, he said, they have 19 cars, mostly used for inspectors and code officials, while one is reserved for administration and finance.

But what do you think, Bridgewater? Is 10 points too many to be allowed to drive a taxpayer-funded vehicle?

Take our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

DelawareDr June 11, 2012 at 02:30 PM
If you live in Bridgewater, you know that there is no way that inspectors are speeding to get to their appointments!
Bwater Mom June 11, 2012 at 08:30 PM
I think 10 points is ridiculous! They are driving vehicles that are owned by the Township, payed for by taxpayer dollars. If Ms. Henderson Rose and Mr. Naples are concerned about it affecting someone's livlihood, maybe they shouldn't be representing Bridgewater. Their priority is this township and the residents that live here, not whether or not an employee can get back and forth to work because of their bad driving record. And, if that's really the issue here, make the employee drive their own car, insured with their own policy, that THEY pay for. Not Bridgewater residents.
Augustine Joseph June 12, 2012 at 04:37 AM
This is something that should be changed.... Bensie Dorien http://www.ezdrivingtest.com/
stewart resmer November 07, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Another Moench cockamamey position like his voter fraud crusade, a problem that doesnt exist to begin with? You'll note that there is no imperical data to rely on here is there? As though people who drive for a living just ride around racking up points cause its fun? Puleezzzzzzz?


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