Salaries to be Set for Municipal Employees

Those for council, mayor to remain the same, others see 2 percent increase.

The township council unanimously approved the introduction of an ordinance Monday that sets salaries for department heads and others—and for the most part, there isn't much of a change in costs.

Township administrator James Naples said the compenations for mayor, council president, council, director of administration and municipal judge are all flat.

"There is a zero increase from the past," he said.

The rest of the salaries, Naples said, will see a 2 percent increase, with the exception of the police chief, who sees a 2.75 percent increase, all consistent with contracts and other determinations.

Naples said these salaries are all consistent with what was passed and accounted for in the 2012 budget.

Public hearing for the ordinance will be held July 2.

The payments are as follows:

Position Compensation Mayor $15,000 Township Council President $8,000 Township Council $7,000 Township Clerk $90,407 Director of Administration $147,000 Director of Finance/Chief Financial Officer $111,965 Tax Assessor $109,995 Director of Municipal Services/Township Engineer $123,908 Director of Human Services $96,434 Director of Law By Contract Municipal Judge $52,000 Court Clerk/Administrator $66,299 Prosecutor By Contract Public Defender $600 Chief of Police $150,549


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