Temporary Budget Set at About $15 Million

It was approved at Monday's reorganization meeting.

With a few months to go before a 2013 budget is approved, the township council unanimously approved resolutions Monday for temporary budgets set at a total of about $15 million.

The resolutions concerning general fund and the sewer budget were approved at Monday’s reorganization meeting.

The first piece is the temporary budget for the current fund, set at $12,389,780.98.

According to council president Christine Henderson Rose, the budget is required to not exceed 26.25 percent of the 2012 funds, exclusive of debt redemption charges, capital improvement funds and public assistance.

In 2012, that budget was set at $33,712,271.54.

“This is a temporary budget to make payments prior to the adoption of the 2013 budget,” Rose said.

The other part of the temporary budget is the sewer utility budget, set at $2,534,578.92.

In 2012, this budget was $9,479,313.39, and the temporary budget is also 26.25 percent of this.

“This lets us keep paying our bills until the budget is adopted,” Rose said.

The 2013 budget will be approved around April.


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