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Bridgewater Drafts Cell Tower Ordinance

Law expected to be presented to township council in May.

With the hearing on the still going on since it was introduced in August 2010, Councilman Filipe Pedroso questioned whether the township should examine an ordinance on cell towers.

“The T-Mobile case has been dragging on,” he said. “We don’t really have an ordinance in town that prohibits cell towers.”

“But this is the first case that presents a cell tower in a purely central residential area,” he added.

If approved, T-Mobile will build a 130-foot cell tower at the . That is currently a residential area, so the tower is not permitted on that property.

The hearing is nearing its end, as the zoning board has heard from all witnesses, and discussed the possibility of lowering property values from the tower. The zoning board is now preparing to hear comments from residents about the application, and that is expected at the May 22 meeting.

A was originally discussed in May 2011, but was pushed off for introduction until discussions began on changes to the township’s master plan. That was expected to give residents more time to comment.

At the time, the ordinance was to cover all types of facilities, not just cellular infrastructure. It was to provide height requirements, set-back requirements and more, as well as addressing priorities for locations for the facilities themselves.

Township attorney William Savo said the administration has been continuing to work on that cell tower ordinance with a consultant.

“We recommended the planner take a look at it,” he said, “but it got held up pending the change in the administration.”

Savo said the ordinance should be before the council around the first meeting in May.

Fran Hozeny April 19, 2012 at 09:25 PM
I am passionate about "residential" areas being kept "residential". The cell tower controversy has gone on long enough! The Zonig Board needs to do the right thing and focus on quality of life issues. What better way than with proper planning and zoning ordinances. Please do not ignore the voice of so many residents that object to this intrusion of their quality of life. In good conscious, is the convenience of a 1.2 mile gap in service worth the disruption and legitimate concerns of so many families? Families who moved here for the quality of life Bridgewater affords them. If this application is approved, residents will truly have to worry about the continuing deterioration of of residental areas. In the final analysis, it comes down to just one important question. How can the building of this cell tower be deemed justified at the expense of so many families?
Mike Umbris April 20, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Let us thank Christine Rose for her appointments to this zoning board. Pushpavati Amin (her appointment) has voted yes on every cell tower and every variance that benefits big business at the expense of our humble residential neighborhoods. I am truly at a loss for the logic in her decisions


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