Township Improving Communication for Major Storms

And information is being provided on the website about power outages.

Exactly one year after a freak October snowstorm hit the area, the township is moving forward by reflecting on the past and preparing for the future.

New Jersey was hit with a snowstorm just before Halloween in 2011, with massive snowfall, trees falling from the weight and other unforeseen issues.

“The township has taken steps to improve emergency communication both during and after an event of magnitude,” Mayor Dan Hayes said.

Among the steps taken, Hayes said, is that the police department will increase information to residents through reverse 911 phone calls, increased web notices and emails.

“And I have met with representatives of the local power utilities and created a link on the homepage of the township website, which indicates the known power outages throughout the area,” he said.

As for funds for snow removal, Hayes said, the budget was set by the council, and the amount of money designated for snow and salt requirements has remained normal over the past year.

“Funding until the year-end should be okay,” he said.

Preparation is key for the township, and Hayes said sharing services will be possible now, particularly since the township’s Department of Public Works is co-located with the Somerset County and Bound Brook departments.

“The township remains ready to assist the residents in making sure that all roads are passable, and all obstructions and flooding are either mitigated or detoured,” he said.

And for residents themselves, Hayes said, they should be taking advantage of information on both the county and FEMA websites.

“There is a wealth of information that a resident can review and download in order to increase their household readiness should power outages or major storms occur,” he said.

What more do you think the township could be doing for emergency preparedness?

James Rokosny November 07, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Kudos to Mayor Dan Hayes, Jim Naples, and staff on much better communication this storm. Even though it is a very difficult time for everyone, it is comforting to hear from our local leaders, and know they are on the job. Just posting info, sending notes has a positive impact as we sit in our cold, dark houses! Thanks again Bridgewater staff. And always thanks to the EMS and Fire fighters...


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