Township Requesting Grants for Road Work

And an ordinance is approved for permanent generators.

What follows is an account of actions taken on Sept. 20 and Sept. 27 by the Bridgewater Township Council, which, while not breaking news, are still of note.

Council Approves Ordinance for Permanent Generators

The township council unanimously approved an ordinance to create a section of code dealing specifically with installing generators to avoid forcing residents to go before the zoning board with their requests.

This code was designed following requests from residents after the storms of 2011, where hundreds of residents lost power for days.

The ordinance makes it easier for approval of standby generator capability.

The ordinance states that any permanent generators cannot be placed in the front yard of a property, and the setback from a property line should be at least 5 feet.

Township Requesting Grant for Road Improvements

The council unanimously approved a resolution to request a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for road improvements on Country Club Road.

The township is requesting $250,000 in grant money through the 2013 Municipal Aid Program for the Country Club Road Improvement Project.

“We have in the past received grants for sections of Country Club Road which we were already able to implement,” said township administrator James Naples. “Now we are going further north from Route 22 to Garretson Road.”

“Anyone who has traveled that section knows it has been deteriorating rapidly despite continued maintenance,” he added.

If the township receives the grant, it will be supplemented by capital funds to fund the whole project that will cost $504,150.

Township Seeking Grant for Morgan Lane Construction

The council is also seeking grant money from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for road improvements on Morgan Lane, including the length of the road from Route 28 to Kelly Court.

“It is also in need of some full repairs, and we’ve done a section of Morgan Lane with our own capital funds,” said township administrator James Naples.

The township is seeking $250,000 from the 2013 Municipal Aid Program, and will then supplement the $504,150 project with capital funds.

Township Submitting Application for Police Cars

The council unanimously approved a resolution to submit a grant application with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the purchase of two marked fully loaded black and white police cars.

According to the resolution, the grant application is for $100,131.75.

This funding comes through the NJDOT that allows for money to be available for municipalities with stretches of highway that are designated as safe corridors. According to the resolution, a stretch of Route 22 is designated as a safe corridor.


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