Electronic Recycling Program to Begin in Town

A dumpster will be set up near the quarry.

In an effort to continue recycling opportunities in the township, the council unanimously approved a resolution Nov. 19 to set a contract with Donjon Recycling for a dumpster at the new DPW site near the quarry.

According to township administrator James Naples, the township has been working on this contract for months, and it will be at no cost to the township.

The dumpster, Naples said, will be entirely for electronic waste, like computers, television sets and other similar equipment that needs to be recycled.

“The company is providing the free dumpster,” he said.

Basically, Naples said, the township is required to file a list of all items that are recycled in the municipality, and then there is a grant that pays back the state, with the highest numbers coming from electronics. The county used to have its location for recycling electronics in Bridgewater, he said, and the township got the tonnage credits through the grant.

But in recent years, Naples said, that facility was moved to Franklin.

With this new dumpster, Naples said, once it is half full or so, Donjon Recycling will remove it from the site and bring in a new one.

“This is a very valuable service for residents who don’t want to wait for the two times a year [electronics are picked up],” he said. “With this recycling, you can drop things off at any time.”

The township DPW will monitor the project at the beginning, Naples said, to ensure that Donjon Recycling is removing the dumpster at regular intervals, and that will taper off as the project becomes more familiar.

In addition, Naples said, there will be signs leading to the location and on the dumpster itself so residents know where to leave the materials.

Naples said the timing is also very good for this project because people are more prone to recycle old electronics during the holiday season.

“This will be a win win for the residents,” he said. “It will increase our recycling tonnage, and we will get more money for the township at no cost to the township.”

Eileen November 27, 2012 at 12:18 PM
I went there yesterday to recycle electronics. The dumpster has not yet arrived.
John McHale November 29, 2012 at 06:42 AM
I had tried to recycle electronics at the county drop off site on Polhemus Lane as I had in the past but was told they no longer handle it so I'm glad this will be in place.


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