School District Considers Improving Baseball Field

And the district is looking to make improvements to the administration building.

The district is moving forward with plans to repair the baseball field at the high school, among other work that was discussed by the facilities committee at the June 12 board of education meeting.

According to board of education vice president Patrick Breslin, the most important repairs are on the baseball field, for which they have a number of potential donors for replacement and improvement of the grass field.

But, Breslin said, there are a few problems to contend with at this point.

“The field as it is has several problems, one of them is that in running from home plate to first base, you parallel a path from the parking lot to the high school,” he said. “The outfield, particularly to the right, is close to that same path.”

“And the outfield is not only used for baseball, but is also part of existing field exercises for other things besides baseball,” he added.

The need for replacement of the field, Breslin said, is high right now, and the potential for having it donated makes it more important.

“We are in a position to look to have engineering studies to move the existing ball field 25 feet further away from the parking lot,” he said. “We can redefine the edges of the outfield, and there is the potential for one other exercise field area.”

Studies will be done, Breslin said, to determine costs and whether the district can work both field areas into the limited space already there.

“That allows us to dedicate the baseball field as a field, and keep the outfield safer,” he said. “We are considering this a priority.”

Also in sports, Breslin said, there has been a donation from Bridgewater Lacrosse for improvements to the press box, particularly a window in the rear, allowing it to oversee the lacrosse field next to the football field.

In other facilities news, Breslin said, the district is looking to make modifications to the Harmon V. Wade Administration Building because it is currently not compliant with the American Disabilities Act code.

“There is nothing associated with the building that is in any way supportive of employees or members of the public with disabilities,” he said.

Minimum requirements, Breslin said, would be to install ADA compliant bathrooms, a wheelchair lift and more.

In total, Breslin said, it will cost about $90,000 for studies and implementation of these changes.

And from there, Breslin said, they are also looking into a improving the sound system, particularly in the board room. Those improvements could cost about $3,000.


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