BRHS Club Teaches Value of Volunteers

The Cadet Corps raises money for local EMS services.

They are volunteers in town, representing all sections of Bridgewater—and now Bridgewater-Raritan High School students are doing all they can to honor the emergency medical services volunteers.

The club, called EMS Cadet Corps, was founded in 2010.

“The mission of the club is to spread awareness about emergency medical services, encourage teens to volunteer for their local rescue squads and raise money for local squads,” said club president Amulya Yalamanchili.

Yalamanchili said that most teens don’t know a lot about the police and fire services, or even what the EMS volunteers do as part of their organization.

“As a club, we spread awareness about the services EMS provides, and we tell teens how they can get involved,” she said.

Last year, Yalamanchili said, the club encouraged about 10 high school students to become EMT-B certified as emergency medical technicians.

But awareness is not all—Yalamanchili said they also try to raise money for the organizations, including with a recent car wash that raised close to $400.

“Rescue squads rely on donations, so raising money for squads is really important,” she said. “We are planning to contribute to a different squad each year, and this year, we are donating money to Bradley Gardens Rescue Squad.”

Yalamanchili said the 50 members in the group this year are actually trying to expand the club by organizing more fundraisers.

“The club began with the intention of forming a community of cadets in the high school, a group focused on support, education and fundraising,” she said.

Other fundraisers, Yalamanchili said, include more car washes and bake sales, while also spreading awareness of the EMS at the 4-H fair, and holding mini-classes.

“We also hold mini-classes, like how to take blood pressure,” she said. “And we bring in speakers to talk to students.”

Yalamanchili herself is an EMT-B and an emergency medical services volunteer, and she thinks EMS is one of the most important volunteer organizations in the township.

“The experience is invaluable, and I want to encourage as many other students as possible to volunteer,” she said.

And, Yalamanchili said, she understands the importance of having money available to maintain equipment that is necessary to help the people in the community.

“Donations are appreciated so much, and this club will help contribute to rescue squads in our community,” she said. “This club is so great because it provides a venue for students to meet current volunteers and EMTs who are their peers, and it provides students with opportunities to help our neighbors.”

For more information about joining the club, or to donate, contact Yalamanchili at emscadetcorpsbr@gmail.com.

stewart resmer November 30, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Are you reading councilman Moench, your no repeated NO votes on public safety matters that come before council has turned EMS over to very well intentioned high school students! rather than signing on to shared services that the Gov and now the legislature have mandated, under penalty of sanctions, you and your extreme right wing idealogue agenda have reulted in EMS shortcomings that a youth brigade understands and rises to address! It seems from the pattern of NO votes here on matters such as shared resources and emergency responders training that the leadership of Bridgewater has put the public safety at needless risk: Seatbelt awareness program paid for bay a grant. NO License plate readers for Police cars. NO Community Center study paid for by a grant. NO Sidewalks for school bus p/up drop off areas. NO Emergency Services and equipment sharing with Somerset County (pre Sandy). NO Emergency responders incentives for taking classes and attending meetings ($50) pre Sandy. NO These NO votes plus cutting 15 police officers? Sounds like this council was/is penny wise and pound foolish and played fast and loose when it came to budget priorities without regard to public safety.


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