BRHS Students of the Week, Feb. 15

Students are chosen to be honored at the high school.

As part of a new program at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School instituted by new principal Brett Charleston, at least one student is chosen every week to be honored for his or her contributions to the community at some point that week.

In this column, we will honor those students each week, with the information included in Charleston's weekly principal's column, on the school's website.

Congratulations to the most recent honorees!

  • Leeza Rivkin—(nominated by Shannon Manko) Rivkin is a very mature young woman who takes great pride in her school work. Not only is her school work important to her, but she also treats others with care, love, and compassion.
  • Anthony Wallace—(nominated by JanMarie Carr-Jones) Wallace demonstrated an appropriate response during a crisis. He studied how to handle an emergency in health class with Stacey Johnson and was able to call 911 to help out someone in need. He is also a volunteer at his local rescue squad and he knew what to do in an emergency.


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