BRHS Students of the Week, Feb. 22

Students are chosen to be honored at the high school.

As part of a new program at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School instituted by new principal Brett Charleston, at least one student is chosen every week to be honored for his or her contributions to the community at some point that week.

In this column, we will honor those students each week, with the information included in Charleston's weekly principal's column, on the school's website.

Congratulations to the most recent honorees!

  • Emily Bendavid—(nominated by Kristen Vogel) Bendavid is a kind and compassionate student who has gone out of her way to make a new student feel welcome in our class. She has truly demonstrated the kindness that all new students hope to find when entering a new school.
  • Matthew Brandman—(nominated by Cindy Giordano) While walking from the parking lot to the school and trying to retrieve a glove from my pocket, a crumbled piece of paper fell into a wet muddy patch. As I tried to retrieve the paper it blew further into the mud. Just then Brandman, a stranger to me, replied, “I‟ll get that‟ and stepped into the mud and grabbed the paper. I asked him his name, he responded, and then asked me the same. He proceeded to converse as we walked into the building and through the campus walkway. I learned that he was the brother of one of my counselees and also that he had just been accepted to his first choice college. I was so impressed with him on so many levels. Quite obviously a gentleman, Brandman was able to initiate and hold a mature conversation with an adult that he did not know. He was very comfortable, self-assured, and well spoken. His leadership qualities became evident in the manner in which he handled himself. I believe him to be genuine, courteous, and kind; a model student. His parents should be proud of this fine young man.


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