Crim, Eisenhower Will Reopen Thursday

The schools regained power Wednesday night.

UPDATE, 10 p.m.

Crim Primary and Eisenhower Intermediate School will be open Thursday after both buildings regained power Wednesday evening.

An alert will be sent out Thursday morning if school is cancelled or delayed because of inclement weather.

6 p.m.

Crim Primary School and Eisenhower Intermediate School will remain closed Thursday after power was not restored by the end of the day Wednesday.

All other schools in the district will be open Thursday, according to a message on the district website as of 6 p.m. Wednesday.

According to a message from Superintendent of Schools Michael Schilder, buses will do their best to pick up the students, but some delays will be expected because of road blockages. The district, he said, is asking that parents drive their children to school if the delay is more than 15 minutes.

Schilder said buses have been delayed, but that more trees have been removed from roads in the area of Crim, and they are hopeful for continued improvements.

Late buses, Schilder said, will not begin running again until Nov. 12.

Schilder said in a second message on the website that the "unofficial" word as of Wednesday is that hopefully power will be restored to the final two schools by Saturday. Another "unofficial" word, he said, had power being restored to Crim by Thursday night.

"I can't guarantee that either of these scenarios will happen, but it's the best and only information I have, and certainly a cause for hope," he said in the message.

In addition, Schilder said that Milltown Primary, the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School and the Wade Administration Building did not have phone service Wednesday, but an emergency line has been set up at 908-722-1822, ext. 14 and 16.

The email system was also down during the duration of the storm, and was just recently restored.

As far as absences are concerned, Schilder said that if a student is absent for a storm-related effect, the absence will be excused and non-chargeable.

In addition, Schilder said, anyone absent Thursday or Friday because of previously arranged family plans that could not be cancelled will also be excused.

Schilder said the board of education and administration will begin discussions on how to make up the lost days at upcoming board meetings. The next board meeting is scheduled for Nov. 13.

As for communication, Schilder said, they are looking into some changes.

"Since communication to the public and staff was either extremely limited or non-existent for several days, we are now exploring setting up redundant communications systems hosted by outside entities that would not be affected by power loss," he said.

An update will be issued on the website Thursday evening concerning school on Friday.

"I thank everyone for your cooperation," he said "This community always comes together in times of crisis, and dealing with Hurricane Sandy was no exception.  Soon, we will be able to put this all behind us and move forward."


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