District Considering Option to Pay Activity Fees by Credit Card

It would be done through the current MyPaymentPlus system.

The district is considering expanding its option in the use of MyPaymentPlus to take payments for activity fees and more.

Board member, and finance committee chairman, Jeffrey Brookner said at a recent board of education meeting that the program is currently only used for lunch payments. Families can put money into an account and use it to buy lunch throughout the school year.

Now, Brookner said, they are considering adding the opportunity to pay for other fees through the program, including the student activities fees for participating in sports and clubs that require them.

“That way they can pay it with a credit card,” he said.

But, Brookner said, there is a 4.5 percent fee that those paying with credit card would be responsible for for the use of the program.

“And the committee was concerned some parents may prefer not to pay by credit card,” he said.

Still, because of the convenience of paying these costs online Brookner said, the committee is looking into the option.

“We decided so long as the program is completely optional, with the convenience of doing it online, the parents would take advantage of it,” he said. “But parents could also choose not to pay that way, but to pay by check.”

Would you be likely to make use of the option to pay student activity fees with a credit card?


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