Graduates, Dean's List Recipients Announced

A list of local students are named to the Dean's List for Fall 2012, and graduate.

With Bridgewater residents heading all over the country to attend college, many have been recognized as Dean's List honorees, and a few are celebrating graduations.

Here, in no particular order, is a list of even more students recognized throughout the Fall 2012 semester:

  • Ankit Desai—Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science degree in applied networking and system administration
  • Hans Krieger—Centenary College, Bachelor of Science degree
  • Trevor LaMountain—Honor Society at Ithaca College
  • Melissa Chiu—Rochester Institute of Technology, Dean’s List
  • Melanie Fernandes—David Wills Scholarship from Gettysburg College
  • Mariel Johnson—Providence College, Dean’s List
  • Marisa Vanicky—Coastal Carolina University, Dean’s List
  • Arielle Tighe—Coastal Carolina University, Dean’s List
  • Katherine Caola—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Caroline Corke—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Kyle Coulter—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Brandon Deck—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Jennifer Ferris—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Justin Hering—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Sara Marin—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Laura Nutis—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Tara Ozeransky—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Daniel Sutter—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Kasey Thompson—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Andrew Timmick—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Julie Touretzky—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Jamie Winder—University of Delaware, Dean’s List
  • Andrew Patrick Verdone—Clemson University, Dean’s List
  • Alexandra Szypryt—SUNY Oswego, Dean’s List
  • Carly Sorace—Caldwell College, Dean’s List
  • Michelle Bone—Cornell University, Dean’s List
  • Louis Brown—Cornell University, Dean’s List
  • Celeste Cirillo-Penn—Cornell University, Dean’s List
  • Adam Kroloff—Cornell University, Dean’s List
  • Ashley Atherton—Bryant University, Dean’s List
  • Natasha Desai—Bryant University, Dean’s List
  • Mara Valenzuela—Bryant University, Dean’s List
  • Dana Yu—Bryant University, Dean’s List
  • Charlotte DiMatteo—Siena College, Dean’s List
  • Jessica Nerger—Quinnipiac University, Dean’s List
  • Kimberly Radwanski—Quinnipiac University, Dean’s List
  • Emily Shahbazian—Quinnipiac University, Dean’s List
  • Emily Willard—Quinnipiac University, Dean’s List
  • Laura Mulholland—Drew University, Dean’s List
  • Zachary Dignam—University of Scranton, Dean’s List
  • Jennifer Dziak—University of Scranton, Dean’s List
  • Kristen Halloran—University of Scranton, Dean’s List
  • Alyssa Rodemann—University of Scranton, Dean’s List
  • Eileen Smith—University of Scranton, Dean’s List
  • Meaghan Smith—University of Scranton, Dean’s List
  • Monica Vaidya—University of Scranton, Dean’s List
  • Joshua McGilly—Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Dean's List
  • Evan Mock—University of Virginia, Dean's List


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