'The Jury Room' Comes to Bridgewater-Raritan

High school students perform comedy.

Bridgewater-Raritan High School students performed their fall play Thursday through Saturday, with a comedy performance in-the-round of "The Jury Room."

The play, run by English teacher Peter Donahue, was done directly on the stage of the auditorium, with guests seated on bleachers placed around the actors, for a feeling of being in-the-round.

The play takes place in the jury room of the criminal courts building as 12 jurors gather to decide the fate of a woman accused of murdering her uncle. With 11 jurors voting to convict and one saying not guilty, they decide to act out the testimony to get a better feel for the case.

The student actors were junior Rebecca Farnham, junior Rebecca Poliacik, senior Samantha Sekora, junior Devon Lawler, sophomore David Vinarov, senior Angel Cardozo, senior Aubrey Flanagan, freshman Luke Calder, junior Sydney Engelstein, freshman Kimani Key, senior Alexa Werrlein and senior Joey Hanna.

The play was directed by senior Tessa Molnar.

Did you see the play this weekend? What did you think?


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