Van Holten School Participates In' Trout In The Classroom' Project

Photo courtesy of Van Holten Primary School
Photo courtesy of Van Holten Primary School
Press release Van Holten Primary School. 

Martinsville, New Jersey’s trout population grew by 155 on Tuesday, May 13th. A 
group of parents, students and teachers from Van Holten School in Bridgewater, led by Principal George Rauh, met to release the trout raised by a group of 1st and 3rd grade students at the school.

Students gingerly let the fingerling trout go in a brook off Gilbride 
Road in Martinsville to live out their lives in the wild. The Trout in the Classroom project is run and funded by the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is aimed at educating children about the environment and how to care for it.

Trout eggs are delivered to classrooms across the state in October and are hatched, cared for, and finally released by the students who learn about ecosystems, life cycles, habitats, animal needs and a variety of other science topics using the trout.

 The teacher who ran this program for Van Holten, Lori Lacaillade, feels having the trout in her classroom brought science topics to life for the students and kept them engaged. Releasing the trout was bittersweet for the children. They were excited to release the trout that they had taken care of, but are going to miss their class pets. 

If you would like more information about Trout in the Classroom you can visit: http://
www.njtroutintheclassroom.org/ .


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