Bridgewater Girl Not Too Young To Understand Joy of Giving

Jayden Kaplan has donated her hair twice to make wigs for sick children.

She may only be 6 years old, but Bridgewater resident Jayden Kaplan knows the benefits of helping out those in need, particularly by donating hair.

In August, for the second time, Kaplan donated her hair to be made into wigs for sick children.

“I’m not sure if Jayden truly understands what the donation is about,” said Kaplan’s mother, Maria. “I’ve told her that they will make wigs for sick children using her hair. She likes knowing that she is helping children with cancer.”

“The idea that someone is wearing her hair is cool to her,” she added.

Maria Kaplan said her daughter has donated her hair twice now after getting it cut at on Route 28. The donation was not on their minds the first time, Kaplan said, but when she saw that her daughter was cutting eight inches from her hair, they decided to go for it.

And the second time, Kaplan said, it was planned, and they waited until she had 10 inches she could donate to Locks of Love.

“I am so happy Jayden enjoys doing this,” Kaplan said. “I like to know that she enjoys helping others, and I hope it will continue as she gets older.”

Kaplan said she believes her daughter will donate again, perhaps in about three years when her hair is long enough.

“It’s great because Hair Unique will take the donation and send it out for you,” she said.

Kaplan said it is difficult to donate to Locks of Love and other organizations because it takes so long to grow the 10 inches of hair, while still having enough hair left to style.

“I have donated to Locks of Love myself and, even though I missed my hair after it was cut, it felt so good after,” she said. “You just have to be patient and like having long hair for a while, and then be willing to drastically change your style.”

For her daughter, Kaplan said, she actually loves the short cut.

“Jayden loves her new hairstyle and finds it so much easier to handle,” she said. “We had many issues with tangles when her hair was so long.”

“Besides, it’s just hair, it will grow back,” she added.

But above all, Kaplan said, she is proud that her daughter is willing to help others, and enjoys doing it.

“I hope Jayden will continue to try to do good things to help others,” she said. “It’s good that she sees that even at her age, she can help those in need without having to put in too much effort.”

“Hopefully this will continue as she gets older,” she added.


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